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Unlock Your Creative Potential - Take Your First Steps With Design Thinking

Navigate some of the biggest challenges to our creative work. From the limitations of "brainstorming" to the fear we have of sharing our ideas with others. If you have ever asked these questions, you are in the right place. We are going to work it out together.

  • How do I identify the people that need my help the most?

  • How do I define a problem more clearly so that it captures the real issue?

  • What's the best approach to generating creative ideas? How do I stop self-filtering?

  • What is the best way for me to communicate my new ideas with others?

  • How do I get the most effective feedback possible?

Your Facilitator

Tom Barrett

Director, Dialogic Learning

Tom is shifting things in education in three ways. (1) Consulting on the design of new schools and learning spaces (2) Coaching teachers and leaders (3) Supporting schools in long-term partnerships. After 10 years as a primary school teacher in England, he has established a broad range of consulting experiences. From castles to luxury fashion, from schools to corporate foundations, from hospitals to toy brick makers. Tom has completed successful projects in Australia, NZ, US, Japan, Taiwan, UK, France, Denmark, Russia, Switzerland and the UAE. This diversity provides a unique perspective on innovation, leadership and learning.

Course Outcomes

These are the successful outcomes once you have completed the 6 week timed course. For this LEARNER course on Design Thinking I am aiming for you to learn:

  • To understand the process of design thinking for creative problem-solving.

  • How to apply design thinking to an authentic area of development in your professional context.

  • The foundational methods of design thinking to help you get started.

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Who should take this course?

Your First Step

All of our LEARNER courses are aimed at helping you take your first practical steps with a subject. If you have explored a little about DESIGN THINKING and are ready to put it into action for the first time, this course is for you. If you have a creative project to develop across the next 6 weeks, this course will guide you every step of the way.
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What People Are Saying

“Tom was extraordinary in his ability to work with both members of the leadership team and teachers to shape a collaborative dialogue. His skilful use of design thinking significantly contributed to the design of a school vision which to this day (5 years later) still guides and inspires our community of learners. I would highly recommend Tom as a person who can partner with you to identify and shape opportunities, outlooks and mindsets that will change the way you approach the work you do.”

Nicola Flanagan - Oakleigh State School, Brisbane

“Design Thinking has made a transformative impact both within our curriculum delivery and with problem-solving and trialling new initiatives within our staff team. Tom created a calm, supportive and thoughtful learning environment and his extraordinary level of expertise enabled staff to feel confident and competent when independently using the Design Thinking process. As a direct result, our students have benefited greatly from this new way of thinking.”

Marion Martin - MLC Marshmead Director

“Working with Tom is apprenticing to a master craftsman. His rich tapestry of mental models interlaced with deep questions stops you in your tracks, rattling your cage with the possibility of a new way of seeing the world. I am still reeling from the richness of our conversations. ”

Steve Brophy

“Design Thinking has profoundly changed the way I teach inquiry-based learning. Having worked with Tom several times, he never failed to make the complex simple. His personalised approach always made us feel understood and that we could ask for direction at any stage. Design Thinking can provide a framework to effectively problem solve, but Tom’s delivery adds to the experience as his ‘pearls of wisdom’ are priceless. I would highly recommend working with Tom and Dialogic Learning.”

Lucy Barrat

“Despite some misgivings from myself and the staff, Tom was able to transform us all into the creative beings we didn’t believe we were. With his coaching, we were soon sketching our ideas, prototyping designs, as he continued to guide us to stretch our thinking beyond the ordinary and mundane. ”

Terese Shepherd - Principal

“Tom is a thoughtful and skilful facilitator who brings the best out of others and their thinking. His knowledge of the required skillset, mindset and toolset in the design thinking process is nothing short of remarkable. Anyone looking to think more deeply about understanding problems and creating solutions through design thinking would benefit by working with Tom!”

Anthony Speranza - Deputy Principal

“Tom’s knowledge and expertise in Design Thinking are unparalleled. He is a master facilitator who skillfully unlocks deep thinking and creativity. Tom’s Design Thinking sessions have been influential in shaping the way our leadership team has tackled the key challenges facing our school. He has expertly guided our team through the process, which has enabled us to meet complex problems with new and innovative solutions. Tom has had a profound impact on me as an educator, it has been a real privilege to work alongside him, and I cannot recommend his services more highly.”

Gerard Lowrie - Assistant Principal, Casey Fields Primary School

“Tom is the true embodiment of design thinking. From the considered way he approaches unique problems, to the research and frameworks he brings to the challenge, Tom helps fresh perspectives come to the surface. Tom's natural empathy and attentiveness underpins the success a strong design thinking process. He deeply listens to people and knows the right questions to ask. These skills have developed his facilitation into a style that is clear, patient, and participant-centred. Tom can balance this with the right amount of humour and wit to ensure a dynamic and engaging experience. Developing design thinking experiences and approaches with Tom has been very rewarding and creative. He has helped make so many useful recommendations of books and studies to explore, and constantly considers the needs and contexts of the participants when developing programs. Tom is a natural design thinker. It makes him an excellent coach, a great instructor, and the kind of person that will help deepen and focus your impact over the long term. I highly recommend engaging with Tom.”

Hamish Curry - Executive Director, Asia Education Foundation

“It has been very rewarding being able to build a partnership with Tom Barrett during our first year of opening Casey Fields PS. I have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with him through a Design Thinking process. I personally feel Tom has built my capacity to think differently and pushed my thinking to the next level, as I am really thinking outside the box!! Tom is very professional in the way he facilitates our conversations during our sessions, as he challenges us with our ideas and processes, as well as providing us with authentic feedback. Through his Design Thinking sessions, he has brought the best out in our leadership team, opening our eyes to creative ideas which are original. Our whole school community has benefited from our experiences working with Tom.”

Mel Seal - Assistant Principal, Casey Fields Primary School

“Tom’s knowledge of the Design Thinking process is second to none. His practice is innovative, flexible and unique. Tom’s ability to meet people where they are at and take them through a process of learning is inspiring. In building a working relationship with Tom, we as a Leadership Team came to know his strengths quickly. His capacity to lead our team through strategic processes was invaluable and brought us to places that would not be possible without his facilitation (and humour). He listens intently; builds trusting dialogue; and has a unique capacity to transform whole school practices. My teaching practice and leadership capacity has undoubtedly been transformed and continues to be influenced by Tom and his unique approach to Design Thinking.”

Emma Dunne - Assistant Principal

Our Learning Approach

This course offers the opportunity to focus on your context - you will learn through action and experience. With a carefully designed timeline, you will reflect on your context and consider the positive difference you can make. If I was with you at your school or business, this is the approach we would take.

  • Comprehensive set of downloadable resources, templates and thinking tools

  • 6 week timed course, space for you to apply what you learn

  • Step-by-step guidance through the whole process of design thinking

A Decade in the Making

I have packed in the essential strategies, methods and tips to support your successful first step. Drawn from a decade of facilitation and practice, this course helps you focus on the key design thinking techniques and approaches. Methods that are proven to create the best possible conditions for critical and creative thinking. Let's get to work!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this course just for teachers?

    No, everyone is welcome. Although I have experience supporting education teams, the course is designed to be accessible to everyone.

  • How long will this course take me to complete?

    This course encourages you to apply what you have learned. Chapters are released over approximately 6 weeks. This provides time and space to apply the lessons and make meaningful change.

  • Can I do this course with my team?

    This course is to help an individual participant. Your progress, learning and achievement credential will be for you. Encourage your team to sign up too and work through the course at the same time. If you want to purchase multiple enrolments for your whole staff or team, please get in touch:

  • What's a micro-credential?

    Once you complete the course you will receive a digital badge. A credential verified by Dialogic Learning Pty Ltd that shows your new professional development. For this course, you will receive the DESIGN THINKING - LEARNER digital badge.

  • Is the course aligned to Australian Professional Standards for Teachers?

    All Dialogic Learning's online courses are aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Your completed learning hours can be used for Teacher Identified Professional Development (TIPD).

  • What other courses on Design Thinking are being planned?

    We are developing two other courses that extend the learning from this one. The two higher tiers will dig deeper into the methodologies and mindsets we need.

  • I have more questions. How can I get in touch?

    I will personally answer all of your questions as soon as possible. I want you to have all of the information before you get started. Please contact me at

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Coming in October

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Choose to learn with Tom

“I met Tom when he supported our school to integrate design thinking into teaching and learning. It was fun and refreshing! I was impressed by Tom’s thoughtful and intuitive approach, and particularly appreciated the insights and questions he posed. Tom helped teachers immerse themselves in the design thinking process, and to start to see opportunities to redesign teaching and learning with problem finding as a driving idea. Tom helped our school make some significant shifts in the way we approached curriculum design using design thinking.”

Glenda Baker

“Adopting the Design Thinking process and working with Tom Barrett has been a game-changer for Casey Fields primary School. Tom is an extremely skilful facilitator who brings the best out in people. His guidance helps teams maximise their contribution and harness the collective creativity whilst having fun. Through the Design Thinking process, Tom will encourage you to learn continually, adapt and develop new skills to face new challenges and take committed action to increase the impact you have as a teacher. Engaging in Design Thinking with Tom will bring your thinking to the next level.”

Cameron Heath - Principal