The Challenges of Learning Growth

We know the complexity of cognitive development and the journey to deeper conceptual understanding is tough to explain, and even harder to classify. You might recognise some of these challenges in the questions below - if they spark your curiosity, this course is for you.

  • How might we utilise a shared language of learning to talk about growth?

  • How do I make sense of the different signals of learning happening in my classroom?

  • What strategies are the most effective in providing feedback and critique?

  • How might we better understand individual learning growth?

Course Outcomes

During this exploratory course we aim to support you on your journey to better understand individual learning growth with the SOLO Taxonomy. You will learn:

  • The language, purpose and application of the SOLO Taxonomy

  • Core routines that make learning and thinking observable

  • How to design proxies for learning that create a strong signal of learning growth

  • Strategies to give powerful feedback and feedforward through critique

Collaborative Design

At Dialogic Learning we love to partner with the best practitioners. This course on the SOLO Taxonomy is the outcome of a long term collaboration with Chris Harte, Director of Unstuck Learning Design We are excited to help you design powerful classroom practice.

Your expert guides

Tom Barrett

Director, Dialogic Learning

Tom is shifting things in education in three ways. (1) Consulting on the design of new schools and learning spaces (2) Coaching teachers and leaders (3) Supporting schools in long-term partnerships. After 10 years as a primary school teacher in England, he has established a broad range of consulting experiences. From castles to luxury fashion, from schools to corporate foundations, from hospitals to toy brick makers. Tom has completed successful projects in Australia, NZ, US, Japan, Taiwan, UK, France, Denmark, Russia, Switzerland and the UAE. This diversity provides a unique perspective on innovation, leadership and learning.

Chris Harte

Director, Unstuck Learning Design

Chris is passionate about providing professional learning which models great pedagogy, is personalised to the people and the context, is rich in technology and deep in thinking. After 15 years in many different roles as an award winning languages teacher, a senior leader in one of the UK’s most innovative schools, Director of the Emerging Sciences Victoria and his role as a Google Certified Innovator and member of the Google for Geo Education International Advisory Board, Chris took on the challenge of starting up his own consultancy; Unstuck Learning Design.

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All Dialogic Learning's online courses are aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Your completed learning hours can be used for Teacher Identified Professional Development (TIPD).
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What People Are Saying

“I've just started my journey through the course, and it's an awesome experience! You have managed to scaffold it in such an easy to follow way, and as a teacher it's so nice to see something that bridges the gap between academic theory, educational best practice and practicality!”

Travis Parker - Teacher of Digital Technologies and Commerce

“Chris Harte and Tom Barrett are two of the best educators I know. Passionate about learning and so smart in the way they have pivoted their immersive learning programs to interactive digital platforms. For me, their great ability is working inclusively and interculturally.  I have been fortunate to work with them on brilliant programs they have designed to bring together Australian schools and educators from across Asia and the Pacific to learn together.”

Kathe Kirby, Educational Consultant

“​Working with Chris was energising and exciting - I felt challenged, stretched and inspired, leaving each session bubbling with ideas. Chris brings a wealth of experience to the table and is ready to ask hard questions of educators to ensure quality student experiences. It was a pleasure working with him to consider how we might map skills and learning competencies across experiential learning activities in the Middle Years.”

Katherine Barton, Melbourne Girls Grammar School

“Working with Tom is apprenticing to a master craftsman. His rich tapestry of mental models interlaced with deep questions stops you in your tracks, rattling your cage with the possibility of a new way of seeing the world. I am still reeling from the richness of our conversations. ”

Steve Brophy

“You are a treasure. Your work with the Wellington Curriculum Team modelled the best of the design thinking process. Your perceptive take on people and your empathetic approach to getting the best out of ourselves was done with compassion and purpose. Thank you so much, you are an outstanding facilitator.”

Fern Brisbane - AP, Wellington SC

“Tom is always keen to have a genuine impact on the organizations with whom he works. His commitment to get the job done means that very soon he is welcomed as one of the team, an integral part of our approach to solving the challenges set before us. I would recommend Tom’s work to anyone that is set on leading a thoughtful, reflective and action based organization.”

Dr Neil Hopkin - Principal, Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will this course take me to complete?

    There are approximately 4 hours of teaching content across 27 video lessons. Suggested activities and tasks for this course will likely take up to 16 hours of time. But this is just an estimate. This course encourages you to apply what you have learned. All chapters are released simultaneously so that you can work at your own pace.

  • Can I do this course with my team?

    This course is to help an individual participant. Your progress, learning and achievement credential will be for you. Encourage your team to sign up too and work through the course at the same time. If you want to purchase multiple enrolments for your whole staff or team, or perhaps bespoke learning solution, please get in touch:

  • What's a micro-credential?

    Once you complete the course you will receive a digital badge. A credential verified by Dialogic Learning and Unstuck Learning Design that shows your new professional learning. For this course, you will receive a SOLO TAXONOMY digital badge.

  • Is the course aligned to Australian Professional Standards for Teachers?

    Yes, all Dialogic Learning's online courses are aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Your completed learning hours can be used for Teacher Identified Professional Development (TIPD).

  • I have more questions. How can I get in touch?

    We will personally answer all of your questions as soon as possible. It is important you to have all of the information before you get started. Please contact me at

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