Demystify Your Curriculum and Design Learning that Engages You and Your Students

This LEARNER course on Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping helps you creatively design cross-curricular learning that is motivating and real-world. If you have ever asked these questions, you are in the right place.

  • How can I map my curriculum to promote contemporary and future-focused learning skills?

  • How do I maximise the opportunities for students to learn across the curriculum?

  • How might I zoom out to explore the different connections within my curriculum?

  • How do I create scope and sequences that will engage all students in relevant learning experiences?

Course Outcomes

We know you will love learning about how to use Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping. This LEARNER course will help get you started. The key outcomes we focus on in this course are how to:

  • explore a new curriculum and learning design methodology

  • create a process to deepen your understanding of your curriculum

  • kick start your cross- curricular planning and interdisciplinary learning design

Your Instructor

Chad Ferris

Consultant, Dialogic Learning

Chad focuses on learning design by developing and sustaining effective and innovative approaches for students, staff and leaders. He also explores, evaluates and designs learning spaces that enhance future-focused thinking and learning. Leadership development is a passion and represents key functions of his work, particularly through dialogue, coaching, mentoring and professional learning. Chad believes building individual and collective capacity and developing innovative practices, is where real change occurs in preparation for the world of tomorrow.

Celebrate Your Achievement

Your Course Accreditation

This course comes with a micro-credential and accreditation from Dialogic Learning Pty Ltd. Once you complete the course, you unlock a unique badge. Share your professional achievement on LinkedIn and in your email signature to signal your new skills, knowledge and understanding. Your digital credential is linked to a unique course description page which outlines your achievement.

Aligned to Standards

Make your learning hours count

All Dialogic Learning's online courses are aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. The Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping - LEARNER course can also contribute to 10 hours of Teacher Identified Professional Development (TIPD) at Proficient
  • Teamwork

    How to enhance your team collaboration skills

  • Scope + Sequence

    How to create a relevant and achievable scope and sequence for learning

  • Learning Design

    A new curriculum and learning design methodology

  • Thinking Routine

    A unique thinking routine to enhance contemporary learning for students

  • Kickstart

    How to kick start your cross-curricular planning

  • Connections

    An easy process to deepen your understanding of your curriculum

What People Are Saying

“Having walked the journey from conception to implementation, Chad is eminently placed as the best person to present professional development on Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping. The initiative was planned, revised and implemented in a school setting which proves that it works. It answers questions around balancing curriculum, assessment and legislation. It has also sparked curiosity and interest of many educators who have since implemented this work. Chad’s passion has always been sparked by empowering students to be agents in their own learning. He has proven to be an innovative leader with a clear focus on future-orientated education.”

Sybil Dickens - Former Regional Consultant, Sydney Catholic Schools

“The work we have undertaken around Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping has initiated some of the most significant and powerful changes to teaching and learning our school has experienced in recent times. Due to the creative and collaborative nature of the process, we have found that Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping helped create a greater synergy amongst teachers in their planning sessions. ”

Gerard Lowrie - Casey Fields Primary School, Cranbourne East

“Our work with Chad in Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping has transformed learning at our school. This multidisciplinary approach encouraged our teachers to push the boundaries and become excited about our work. Chad’s approach and in-school experience gave him credibility with the staff, who respected his processes and welcomed his ideas.”

Deanne Di Stefano - St Michael's Catholic Primary School, Daceyville

“We have been using Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping to map the Australian Curriculum for a number of years. This approach allows students and teachers to clearly see the links across Key Learning Areas and spend more quality time immersed in deeper concepts and questions.”

Jason Fay - St Paul Lutheran School, Adelaide

“Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping has enabled us to have a whole-school approach to understanding the requirements of the curriculum and planning for student learning. Teachers have been able to more effectively manage expectations by making authentic connections between a range of syllabi. This process has fostered greater collaboration amongst teachers as they have been evaluating current practices and developing classroom teaching programs that are more engaging and differentiated.”

Susan Garrett - St Joseph the Worker Catholic Primary School, Auburn South

“Over the last two years we have implemented Hexagonal curriculum Mapping. I have found it to be outstanding and know that our teachers have really benefited from the collaborative and engaging approach to programming. It has re-energised our staff and has delivered a future-focused approach to teaching and learning that has been fun and challenging for all. Chad is talented, insightful and motivating as a coach, trainer and educator. His background into educational approaches gives him much deserved credibility and a real edge as a facilitator of change and impact.”

Emma Polson - Teacher Quality Advisor: School Services, NSW Department of Education

Your Investment

We know why you are here

"By taking the first step in signing up, we can tell that you are passionate about quality teaching and learning. This is what you love and where you thrive. We know that you are going to enjoy the benefits of learning about this great innovative process that enhances your learning design skills. Join us and spark not only your own creative and critical thinking but that of your students." Chad Ferris - Consultant at Dialogic Learning

Build Your Toolkit

Access a stack of resources and tools

Throughout the course, every registered participant will receive a comprehensive set of resources to support cross-curricular planning. Templates and mental models will be available for download, which will go towards building your very own learning design toolkit. This toolkit will make implementation a smoother experience and set you up for success.

Course Overview

  • Welcome to Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping

    An overview of Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping and course introduction.

  • Unpack + Connect your Curriculum

    Gain a better understanding of how to make connections across the curriculum.

  • Design Creative Learning Experiences

    Reflect upon your current practice and how Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping can be implemented through effective learning design.

  • Assess Learning Growth

    Learn how to use effective assessment strategies as part of your Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping implementation.

  • Wrap + Review

    Plan how to make your Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping sustainable. Review and wrap up of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should enrol in this course?

    All primary and secondary educators that design learning are encouraged to enrol. It does not matter how many years experience you have in the classroom or in a leadership role. Those undertaking graduate education courses are also invited to enrol.

  • Can I do this course with my team?

    This course is to help an individual participant. Your progress, learning and achievement credential will be for you. Encourage your team to sign up too and work through the course at the same time. If you want to purchase multiple enrolments for your whole staff or team, or a bespoke learning solution please get in touch:

  • Do I need special equipment or resources?

    Access to your curriculum. All the downloads, templates and resources are included in the course.

  • What’s a micro-credential?

    Once you complete the course, you will receive a digital badge. A credential verified by Dialogic Learning Pty Ltd that shows your new professional development. For this course, you will receive the HEXAGONAL CURRICULUM MAPPING - LEARNER digital badge. This 10-hour course can also be used in Australia as ‘Teacher Identified Professional Learning’ at Proficient for teacher accreditation purposes.

  • What other courses on Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping are being planned?

    We are developing two other courses that extend the learning from this one. Two higher tiers will dig deeper into further team collaboration and leading school-wide improvement. Get in touch if you are interested to learn more about these advanced courses >>

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